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God told Solomon that he would give him anything he wanted. Solomon told God that he wanted wisdom. God told him because he asked wisely, everything else would come to him.

Solomon walked in greater abundance than any other man. He shares the secrets of his business success that are interlaced in the Book of Proverbs: what to do and what not to do in business. This wisdom is ageless and will still work for anyone today. It is no accident America became the most prosperous nation in the world. It was founded on these business principles. The reason America is losing its prosperity is that it has forgotten them. To get it back, all we have to do is to return to these financial principles.

This audio book by Loren Davis, 'The Business Principles of Solomon', pin points these principles and shows how to apply them practically. It is also highly motivational. If listened to repeatedly, it will reprogram you and you will succeed. It is recommended for people on every economic level. This audio book should also be given to every young person starting off in life. If you absorb this, you will not fail.
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